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We offer a service of rented toilets, as well as biotoilets, which are the property of the customer.

As a standard, we offer a portable sanitation rental service with one, two or four services per month.

The service is carried out in accordance with the instructions and expectations of our customers - it is included in the price calculated for the rental of the cabin.

At the request of the client we can carry out service several times a week and even daily. Then the cost of the service is calculated individually on the principle of «the more services, the lower the price».

We help determine the frequency of service according to customer needs.

The toilets rented by the clients are regularly washed and kept in comfort with the use of special equipment and the German toilet concentrate WC CLEANER.

The service includes:
  • removal of dirt from the toilet
  • cleaning and disinfection of the toilet
  • filling the tank with German concentrate WC CLEANER
  • addition of toilet paper
  • adding flavors
  • elimination of minor damage
How to maintain portable toilets
  • first of all it is necessary to empty the toilet, which is done by pumping dirt through the hole under the toilet lid with a special pump adapted for the operation of eco-toilets installed on the tank
  • then the tank and the entire cabin inside and outside are washed with a high pressure washer
  • a clean tank filled with a mixture of WC CLEANER concentrate and water, which should neutralize contamination and effectively eliminate odors
  • toilet paper and fragrances are replenished after maintenance

Toilet service is always performed taking into account the individual needs and requirements of the client.

+380 67 7872 408
+380 50 7191 317